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The DFW Real Estate Club was established as a place where property buyers and sellers can go to seek answers from trusted professionals for all their real estate questions.

When can I apply for homestead?
Do I need a Realtor® for a new home?
What is a lease with a right to purchase?
What upgrades are necessary to sell?
Can you help me stage my home?
Is this the best time to sell or buy?
Can you run me a net sheet?
Aren’t an Agent & a Realtor® the same?
What does “….” mean in a contract?
Where are the best places to buy?
How do I protest property taxes?
Can I get a search based on schools?
Do you help with utility setup too?
Do I need a home warranty?
I want real local housing statistics !
What is involved in owning a ranch?
What is an agricultural exemption?
Is this a good investment property?
What is a CAP rate?
Help! The photographer is on his way!

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